A rash of recent delays on flights at Boston’s Logan International Airport — especially prevalent on inbound flights — is being blamed on reconstruction of one of the airport’s main runways.

The Boston Globe reported on May 25, 2017 that construction on the runway, which is being completely repaved, commenced on May 15 and has resulted in a spike in reported delays at the airport, some lasting as long as three hours. The runway, Runway 4R-22L, will be closed until at least June 23, although construction will continue into November, according to airport officials. From June to early August, daytime work will mean that the runway will be available for landings only.

Massport, the government agency that runs the airport, warned travellers to expect delays at Logan throughout the summer. “Due to the aggressive schedule of this critical project to ensure this work can be completed in New England’s limited construction season, minimal to moderate flight delays are expected and passengers should, as always, check with their airlines before heading to Logan,” according to Massport.

The project also involves replacing a wooden light pier at the end of the runway with a more durable concrete pier.