Airbus Corporate Jets has launched a private jet version of its new A330neo.

The ACJ330neo is able to fly 25 passengers up to a distance of 17,400 km, or 20 hours, which is enough to fly nonstop from Europe to Australia.

The new aircraft has a customisable cabin with conference and dining areas, a private office, bedroom, bathroom and guest seating.

Other features include the option of an onboard airport navigation system (OANS) – similar to GPS in cars – and a runway overrun prevention system (ROPS), for which insurance companies offer reduced premiums.

Like all Airbus aircraft, the ACJ330 features Category 3B autoland with a common cockpit, on which more than 100,000 pilots are already qualified, plus optional dual head-up displays (HUDs).

Airbus chief operating officer for customers, John Leahy, said:

“For customers, such as countries needing to fly heads of state and delegations worldwide on government business, the ACJ330neo offers an unbeatable combination of modern design, proven capability and productivity, as well as being part of the world’s best-selling widebody family.”