Turkish Airlines has started offering laptops to business class passengers on US-bound flights, with plans to launch the service on UK flights from May 12.

The laptops have dual functionality, working as both a laptop and a touchscreen tablet when folded over. All personal information will be wiped as soon as the laptop is shut down, though work can be saved on a USB memory stick.

The move follows the introduction of laptop-handling services on a number of Middle Eastern airlines, after a ban on carry-on electonics was imposed on flights departing from several airports in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, including Ataturk International airport, where Turkish Airlines is based.

Business class passengers on Emirates can ask for a Microsoft Surface tablet, while Etihad offers Ipads plus free wifi. Qatar Airways will also offer laptops in business class, alongside one hour’s free wifi to all passengers and a special wifi package of US$5 to stay connected for the duration of the flight.