Japan Airlines (JAL) and Dassault Falcon Service (DFS) have begun offering a new private jet service designed to provide travellers going from Tokyo to Paris with more efficient interconnections to onward European and African destinations.

Passengers arriving at the JAL terminal at Charles de Gaulle Airport will be able to take ground transportation to the DFS fixed base operation at Paris Le Bourget starting May 1. The JAL Falcon Business Jet Service will offer access to nine Falcon aircraft, including two Falcon7X long-range trijets, through a pay-as-you-go, all-inclusive price plan based on the aircraft type and distance flown.

“This new premium service will allow JAL customers to fly point to point at short notice to hundreds of destinations not covered by its commercial flight network,” said Jean Kayanakis, general manager of DFS. “It’s tailor made for business or leisure travellers who are looking for maximum flexibility, short travel time, comfort and seamless interconnections, especially when making multiple hops or flying to out-of-the-way destinations.”

According to JAL, the service could also be expanded to the US and its other markets in the future.

“We see business jets as a way to multiple travel options for our customers without having to expand our route network,” said JAL president, Yoshiharu Ueki. “The high operating performance and unsurpassed safety and flying efficiency of Falcon Jets make them the idea tool for doing this, and few operators fly as many and as wide a range of Falcons as DFS.”

A member of the oneworld alliance, JAL currently flies to over 330 airports in 53 countries together with its codeshare partners.

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