From the summer of next year passengers flying Austrian Airlines will have the option of a premium economy cabin.

The Vienna-based airline is spending €15 million, equipping its 12 long-haul aircraft with the upmarket economy class seating, reports

There will be 18 premium economy seats fitted to the carrier’s six B767-300ERs with its six B777-200ERs (five in operation, with a sixth set for delivery next year) having no fewer than 24 seats.

Perhaps it’s no surprise to learn that the seating will be the same as used by Lufthansa. The new seating will be installed from the winter of 2017.

A few weeks ago Austrian Airlines launched the first non-stop air service linking Central Europe with the US West Coast.

It also claims the distinction of being the only European carrier to serve two regional cities in Iran: Shiraz and Esfahan.

The Lufthansa Group considers Austrian Airlines as a value-for-money member. Swiss is viewed as the prestige member. But Swiss still has no premium economy cabin (yet like Austrian its B777 economy class is disposed 10-across) and one wonders when or if Zurich-based Swiss will follow suit?

  • Brussels Airlines is not included here as it will be integrated into budget Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings.