Mattress maker Simba Sleep has unveiled what it claims is “the world’s most advanced airline seat”.

The prototype Air-Hybrid seat features “a fusion of 2,500 conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam, providing the ultimate comfort, support and heat regulation”.

According to the firm the seat mechanism features “gentle automatic adjustments” which recline the seat to a “zero g” position, which “closely simulates weightlessness which eases pressure on the back and spine whilst dissolving strain from the extremities”.

Simba says the seat was inspired by a chance conversation with footballer Gareth Bale, about so called overnight “red-eye flights”, resulting in the aim to create “a technologically advanced in-flight sleep experience to combat fettered sleep at 36,000 feet”.

While currently only at the prototype stage, Simba says that “The response has been so positive that we’ve begun conversations with commercial and private airlines”.

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