British Airways has denied plans to introduce buy-on-board services in its long-haul economy cabins, following a report in The Sunday Times in which the carrier’s CEO is quoted as saying “We might do it”.

BA launched buy-on-board food and drink menus on its short-haul flights earlier this year, and last month CEO Alex Cruz said that approval for the service was improving.

In an interview with The Sunday Times at last week’s press event to promote the carrier’s £400 million investment in it lounges and food, Cruz hinted that buy-on-board could be extended to economy long-haul cabins.

But BA’s press office has issued a statement denying that it has any “current” plans to do so, although it stopped short of ruling out the idea in the future.

“British Airways offers excellent value fares on more than 200 routes worldwide and we continue to attract more and more customers. On long-haul flights, our economy customers receive complimentary catering – a three course meal, bar service and snacks and, on longer transatlantic flights including to the US west coast, an extra meal during the flight.

“Two years ago, we introduced an additional option for pre-paid meals for those economy customers wanting a more varied menu. There are low-cost long-haul airlines around the world that offer buy-on-board catering and customers who value the option of seat-only fares.

“Our parent company, International Airlines Group, has just launched LEVEL, an airline offering customers this kind of choice, and tens of thousands of seat-only fares sold out within 72 hours. Like most companies, we don’t stand still and we are very focused on what customers want. We have no plans currently for a buy-on-board economy product on long-haul, but if that is what interests customers of the future, we will listen.”

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