Wizzair has added a new online service allowing customers to make minor name changes to their bookings for free.

Passengers can make one change, up to three hours before departure (although note that if you have already checked prior to making the change, this must be repeated so that a new boarding pass can be issued).

The carrier says that one of the three following changes may be made by logging into your Wizzair account and going to the itinerary page:

  • Changing the gender if it’s been indicated incorrectly
  • Extending a name where only first letter has been indicated (eg: John P Smith to John Peter Smith)
  • Correcting up to three characters in first or last names (eg: Thomas vs Tohmas)

Customers trying to make changes outside of the above parameters will be redirected to a payment page.

Note also that the service is not available to Wizz Discount Club members or Wizz Privilege Pass holders (presumably as their ticket details are automatically populated from these accounts).

Easyjet allows passengers to make “small corrections of up to three characters free of charge online”, with more major corrections having to be done via the customer service team.

Ryanair has a 24-hour grace period after booking are made, allowing customers “to correct any minor errors (i.e. spelling of names, incorrect routings/dates/times)” free of charge, although full name changes still incur a fee, as do changes outside the grace period.