British Airways has released new details of the First Wing opening at the beginning of April

As previously noted

British Airways to open First Wing at Heathrow T5

the new design means that Gold card holders will no longer have to take a circuitous route up and down escalators, and coincidentally past lots of Heathrow’s shops, to access the lounge. It is understood, however, that in time there will be shops off the new corridor.

The details released by British Airways today include five features.

1. A bespoke design
The new design is a collaboration between Universal Design Studio, an award-winning London studio, and British Airways. The details (see picture above) include “Stylish oak marquetry inside is based on a BA heritage design, while a glass and mirror chandelier wall gives the area a light and modern feel”.

Hannah Carter Owers, Director of Universal Design Studio says: “We took our cues from the British Airways First cabin, bringing texture, warmth and luxury to Terminal 5. Incorporating elements of BA’s design heritage gives The First Wing a bespoke, crafted feel.”

2. An exclusive entrance

The entrance to The First Wing is through a “scalloped steel and glass enclosure, with the centrepiece carrying the iconic BA coat of arms”.

Hannah Carter Owers, says: “This is designed to be a seamless, intuitive and dedicated route for British Airways’ most valued customers to begin their journey in supreme comfort.”

3. A dedicated security lane
There is a new security channel and then a direct route to the Galleries First lounge and the Concorde Room.

Yasmin Shahin, brand and design management for BA says: “Our premium team have been fully briefed to look after the needs of premium customers at every stage of their journey – and they’re excited to do so.”

4. Greater privacy
A specially-designed, curved, fluted wall, three metres high and 29 metres long, “keeps the area separate and private”.

Hannah Carter Owers says: “The metallic wall signifies that customers are about to enter something quite special and exclusive. We’ve incorporated lighting into the experience to create something softer and more human within the airport.”

5. More space for check-in
The First Wing check-in area is more than 250 per cent larger than before. It also has more seats including “armchairs, marble- topped side tables and bespoke leather banquettes”.

Yasmin Shahin says “Everything has been rigorously tested to ensure it’s of the highest quality and to provide BA’s most valued customers with a calm space to pause before continuing their journey.”