Cityjet is gradually reducing its presence at London City Airport (LCY).

Last month we reported that the Dublin-based airline was dropping its Paris Orly service from March 25.

And earlier this month we reported that Cityjet would also be dropping its Nantes service.

Now comes news that Cityjet will axe its LCY to Rotterdam service from the end of April.

Cityjet currently plies the route up to four times a day. But its last flight, according to its social media team, will operate on April 30. Certainly no availability is displayed on after the above date.

This despite the carrier’s recent assertion that it “remains fully committed to London City Airport”.

Mystery also continues to surround Cityjet’s future on the popular route linking LCY with Amsterdam.

Last month we reported that Dutch airline KLM had returned to this important service after a gap of eight years.

It was a natural step for KLM seeing as LCY provides it with lucrative feeder passengers who transfer at Schiphol for destinations further afield. As a sixth-freedom (or transfer) airline these feed passengers are vital to KLM’s business model.

But with KLM’s arrival on the LCY-Amsterdam route, Cityjet has now taken the decision to trim its schedules.

This month Cityjet plies LCY-Amsterdam up to eight times a day. By comparison KLM operates only a minimal twice daily frequency.

But from April KLM increases service to as many as four daily flights while Cityjet will halve flight frequency from (up to) eight to four services daily.

From September KLM will be adding an additional flight. It will then have five flights a day.

As might be expected, schedules are timed both for connectivity and the business market.

KLM flights will depart LCY for Amsterdam at 0800, 0920, 1000, 1745 and 2000. Return flights from Amsterdam are at 0725, 0845, 0925, 1715 and 1925.

Cityjet continues to operate up to four times a day until October 28. But after that date its schedule display on is blanked out.

Will Cityjet continue to operate the Amsterdam route after that date?

The carrier’s Twitter page says “flights should be available [on the website] in a month.”

Business Traveller has also contacted Cityjet in Dublin, and was told that the LCY-Amsterdam schedules have still not been loaded into the system.

For its part KLM continues to display current schedules for November.

Travellers intending to travel LCY-Rotterdam can take British Airways as an alternative. BA is currently operating up to four flights a day with Embraer commuter jets. After Cityjet’s departure BA will be increasing its LCY-Rotterdam frequency and will operate up to five daily flights.

An unlikely addition to the LCY-Amsterdam route is regional carrier Flybe which starts a once daily service from March 26.

However with so many services provided by Cityjet/KLM, a single daily flight is not attractive for business travellers. And, judging by the timings, Flybe is using this service as a network positioning flight (rather than a serious point-to-point service).,,,