Qantas has unveiled its latest in-flight safety video, showcasing “everyday Australians in unique destinations across every state and territory”.

The three-minute video includes a hot air balloon operator announcing the aircraft type while flying over the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, a window washer advising passengers how to fasten their seatbelts while cleaning the Q1 Tower in Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, and fire spinners on Darwin’s Mindel Beach, along with advise that smoking is not permitted on the aircraft.

Commenting on the new video Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said:

“What we’ve found is that it’s a lot easier to grab people’s attention with something that’s interesting to watch.

“We know the combination of beautiful landscapes and laid-back Aussie charm really cuts through. It’s also why this video doubles as a perfect tourism ad.

“Finding smart ways to reach new audiences is a priority for Qantas and the whole Australian tourism industry, and we’re looking forward to rolling the video out as part of our strategy to keep visitor numbers growing.

“We’re confident it’ll strike a chord with travellers from around the world, not to mention Australians thinking about holidaying at home.”

The video was filmed over a 12-day period in partnership with Tourism Australia, and will be shown on domestic and international services from February 1.

Qantas said that the new video “is an evolution of the national carrier’s 2016 safety video”, which had over 90 million views across the carrier’s in-flight and social media platforms.