Many readers express surprise that onboard wifi has previously been unavailable on SNCF’s prestigious TGV services.

But it’s all change from today. According to the Railway Gazette,  SNCF has started rolling out wifi on its domestic high-speed TGVs.

The service will initially be offered on the busy Paris-Lyon route but other services will follow during the course of 2017.

But note that SNCF has around 300 TGVs in operation. Therefore if you’re looking forward to browsing over the next few days note that only a limited number of trainsets on the Paris-Lyon route currently have the equipment installed.

Unlike the UK where most TOCs (train operating companies) charge a fee for onboard wifi (except for passengers travelling first class) SNCF is making the service free to everyone.

Railway Gazette reports that SNCF has not revealed the cost of the wifi installation. It will eventually be introduced on regional and suburban trains but funded separately.

What about wifi on Eurostar? Currently the new Siemens trainsets offer the service, while the refurbished Alstom trainsets (a maximum of eight) are/will be fitted with wifi.

But as Business Traveller reported last September, almost all the Alstom trains will be scrapped in the coming years.