American Airlines today launched non-stop flights between Hong Kong and Los Angeles (LAX) Terminal 4.

The new route is American’s second from Hong Kong to the United States and joins the daily Dallas /Fort Worth service. It is also American’s 14th Asia Pacific service.

The plan is for this to become an immediate codeshare with Cathay Pacific’s own LAX flight.

The new service offers connections to more than 220 daily flights reaching over 70 destinations from Los Angeles Terminal 4.

American Airlines is promising easy connections using the “Terminal 4 Connector”, which allows passengers to go between Terminal 4 and Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) without having to recheck their luggage. Bags can just be dropped at the end of the Terminal 4 connector for connecting flights.

Erwan Perhirin, American’s vice president of Asia Pacific said: “LAX has invested heavily in airport improvements and the new connector between TBIT and Terminal 4, which is American’s domestic terminal, means you connect indoor without exiting the terminal. Connection at airside from Terminal 4 to TBIT, allows premium passengers to use the airside lounges at the terminals to shower and relax.”

Lounge options range from the Admirals Lounge and Flagship lounges in Terminal 4 to the Oneworld lounges and, depending on tier level in Oneworld, departing gates and personal preferences, the Cathay and Qantas lounges in TBIT.

Flight times are:

Depart HKG at 2020. Arrive at LAX at 1840 (same day).

Depart LAX 0155. Arrive in Hong Kong at 0810 (next day).

Thomas Scruby, commercial director, Hong Kong, Southern China and Southeast Asia said that the flight would attract both the local market but also act as a gateway to mainland China and Southeast Asia.

“Hong Kong doesn’t just include Hong Kong, ” Scruby said, “but also the Pearl River Delta which is a market of 42 million people and there’s a lot of connectivity from that. For instance, we have big groups from Southern China flying on the flight this evening.”

Improved aircraft utilisation has meant the new service is possible with the addition of just one extra B777-300ER serving the Hong Kong market. Previously the Hong Kong to Dallas flight meant the aircraft waited in Hong Kong for many hours – by offering a second US service, utilisation has been improved.

At the launch event in Hong Kong, Thomas Scruby said

“Passengers can earn with Marco Polo on the flights, and the new flight departing at 2020 fits nicely with Cathay’s existing three times daily departues which are 1255, 1635 and 0005. The new flight will also attract because of the onward connection on from LAX to New York. The flight lands in Los Angeles at 1840 and the best onward connection to New York is 2100 allowing someone to shower, have a meal and then take a night flight to New York landing at 730 or 800 am the next day.”

American is offering very competitive pricing on the route, and with the new flight now feels it offers West Coast and East Coast flights to the U.S, along with the “centre” with Dallas Fort Worth, along with a myriad of connections across the American network.

As far as immediate pricing, point to point, American is offering return fares, inclusive of taxes and surcharge, starting at only HK$4,300++