Aurangabad will host its first-ever SAARC Tourism Summit in October this year.

The event will take place during the three-day Ajanta-Ellora festival that will take place between October 14 and October 16.

The summit aims to tap FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) under “Make In India” and “Make In Maharashtra” campaigns promoted by the government.

Attendees will include the officials of SAARC countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka on day one. The second day would host tourism ministers from these countries.

“The coming two years are very important for the progress and prosperity of the tourism sector. The year 2017 will be celebrated as “Visit Maharashtra Year”.”

“A campaign to promote tourism destinations of Maharashtra all over the world will be undertaken aggressively under Visit Maharashtra 2017. In 2018, many events will be hosted to attract international and domestic tourists to Ajanta and other destinations of the city,” the Principal Secretary said.

Akanksha Maker