All Nippon Airways grounds its B787s due to engine problems

Customers scheduled to fly on All Nippon Airways’ B787 should be aware that they may face flight disruptions due to an engine problem that has forced the airline to ground the Dreamliner.

According to ANA, the compressor blades within the B787’s Rolls-Royce engine have shown corrosion after exposure to certain flying conditions.

The problem was first brought to light in February on a flight from Japan to Malaysia, then on another flight to Vietnam the following month, reports Fortune. Upon further investigation, ANA decided to cancel nine of its domestic B787 flights last Friday, with more cancellations likely to come.

While initial reports indicated that the problems would be resolved fairly soon, the Japanese airline has since told Reuters that it could take as long as three years to replace the faulty engine parts. The long-term ramifications of ANA’s B787 deployment schedule is still unknown.

In response, a Boeing spokesperson told Fortune: “We are aware of the situation and are working with Rolls-Royce and ANA to resolve any issues impacting the airplanes in service.”

Rolls-Royce also delivered a similar statement but did not specify whether the problem had been found on B787s operated by other airlines.

The Star Alliance member is the biggest operator of the B787 with some 49 aircraft. Of the 445 Dreamliners in operation around the world, 168 feature Rolls-Royce engines. However, only ANA has decided to ground the aircraft. Fellow Japanese carrier JAL also operates a fleet of 30 B787s, but its Dreamliners are equipped with General Electric engines.

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ANA to deploy B787-9 on flights to Delhi

All Nippon Airways will begin offering B787-9 service on its daily Tokyo Narita–Delhi route from October 30.

According to, the Dreamliner will replace the existing B767-300ER on the route during the upcoming winter travel season. ANA will initially deploy the 246-seater B787-9 for flights until December 1, before swapping it for a 215-seater version from December 2.

Both B787-9s feature three-class configurations – business, premium economy and economy – but the 246-seater one offers significantly more seats in economy with less seats in the premium cabins.

This includes 40 seats in business, 14 in premium economy and 192 in economy. The 215-seater B787-9 offers 48 seats in business, 21 in premium economy and 146 in economy.

Service times will remain unchanged. Flight NH827 departs Tokyo at 1715 and arrives in Delhi at 0015 the following day. The return flight, NH828, takes off from Delhi at 0125 and touches back down in Tokyo at 1245.

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ANA announces Seven Samurai Chefs winner

ANA Seven Samurai Chefs winner - Donburi N7

ANA has announced the winner of its Seven Samurai Chefs challenge, run in conjunction with the British Hospitality Association.

Piero Leone, head chef at Sauterelle restaurant in the Royal Exchange, will see his dish Donburi N7 offered in business class on flights between London and Tokyo Haneda later this year.

The challenge saw six UK chefs go head-to-head to create the best donburi, with judges including Japanese celebrity chef Yuki Gomi.

Leone’s dish features seven ingredients including calamari, scallops, and prawns seared with sesame oil and ponzu sauce.

It was described by Gomi as “exquisite”, who added that “Seven being a lucky number in Japan is by no means why his Donburi N7 won, but it certainly added a clever touch!”

The challenge also saw the seven chefs go on a “once in a lifetime culinary tour of Japan”, visiting markets and renowned restaurants, as well as meeting experts as they aimed to master the art of Japanese cooking.

Donburi N7 will be available as a light meal in business class on ANA’s route between London and Tokyo Haneda, from December 1, 2016, to February 28, 2017.

Thai Airways expands codeshare partnership with fellow Star Alliance members

Thai Airways A350

Thai Airways has started codesharing with several of its Star Alliance members on new routes.

According to, the flag carrier of Thailand has begun placing its TG marketing code on Asiana Airlines’ flights between Busan and Jeju, as well as those between Seoul Incheon and Jeju.

Thai Airways is also partnering with Brussels Airlines on its services from Brussels to both Toronto and Washington Dulles. This partnership is particularly noteworthy as it provides the Thai carrier with a new connection entryway into North America – a market it does not currently serve.

The growing importance of the North American market is emphasized further by the expansion of Thai Airways’ codeshare partnership with All Nippon Airways. With effect from October 30, Thai will start codesharing on ANA’s Tokyo Haneda–Chicago O’Hare and Tokyo Haneda–New York JFK services.

With the FAA having downgraded Thailand’s aviation rating from Category 1 to Category 2 last year, Thai-based carriers are not allowed to establish new services to the US.

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Five special aircraft liveries

ANA C-3PO-themed livery


INTRODUCED July 2016; launching March 2017


INFO As part of its five-year partnership with The Walt Disney Company (Japan), ANA has already had two of its aircraft wrapped in special themed liveries featuring Star Wars’ R2-D2 and BB-8. Meanwhile, everybody’s favourite gold protocol droid, C-3PO will soon join the line-up by being featured on a B777-200. The C-3PO-themed aircraft will begin flying domestic routes in Japan from March 2017.


Eva Air Hello Kitty-themed livery

EVA Air Hello Kitty B777
EVA Air Hello Kitty B777



INFO Eva Air’s “Hello Kitty” aircraft is as synonymous as the airline itself, with the iconic branding having been an important part of the carrier’s fleet since 2005. Passengers that have flown on these aircraft before will know what to expect onboard, but for the uninitiated, expect to find the cute little feline everywhere – from the cushions in economy to the tableware in business class.


Turkish Airlines Euro 2016 livery

Turkish Airlines EURO
Turkish Airlines EURO livery



INFO Portugal may have already lifted the Euro 2016 trophy, but Turkish Airlines’ Euro-themed livery can still be seen in the air. The A330-300, which has been wrapped in the tournament’s colours, is flying to selected destinations within the Star Alliance member’s network.


KLM “Orange Pride” livery

KLM’s “Orange Pride”



INFO KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has taken national pride to whole new level by introducing its “Orange Pride” livery. The new livery, which is now featured on a B777, is currently operating flights within the airline’s network. However, with effect from early August, the aircraft will begin serving the Amsterdam–Rio de Janeiro route during the 2016 Summer Olympics.


TAM Disney-themed livery

TAM Disney livery
TAM Disney livery

INTRODUCED February 2016


INFO For passengers flying with Brazilian carrier TAM to Orlando earlier this year, the journey to Walt Disney World started on the plane. Along with a colourful livery that features classic Disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie and Donald, the in-flight experience was also adapted to deliver a touch of Disney magic. This included offering Mickey mouse-shaped food and cabin crew wearing Minnie mouse headbands and gloves.

ANA launches new “Tastes of Japan” dishes

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has launched the seventh phase of its “Tastes of Japan” campaign.

The project, designed to raise the profile of Japan’s lesser-known prefectures, sees the carrier regularly introduce new regional beverages and cuisine to its flights, airport lounges and other services.

For this new phase, ANA will introduce products from the Fukishima, Osaka and Tottori prefectures between March and May 2015. This will include:

Wine jelly made with baby peaches from Fukushima 

To be served at the ANA Suite Lounge in Haneda and Narita Airports. The baby peaches have edible stones, and the fruit is used whole in the wine-flavoured jelly. Other offerings from the Fukushima prefecture include fillet steak of prime Japanese Wagyu beef, which will be available in “Dining h” in ANA Suite Lounge at Haneda in May.

Bamboo shoot steak from the Senshu region

Available in “Dining h” in the ANA Suite Lounge at Haneda in April, the Kozumi bamboo shoots are cut into thick slices to preserve their natural goodness, and are flavoured with a sweet and sour soy sauce-based dressing. Passengers using the ANA Suite Lounge at Haneda and Narita can also enjoy crème Chiboust made with satsumas from Osaka.


A traditional dish from Tottori, Koura-yaki will be served to business class passengers travelling out of Japan on selected Asian routes. The dish itself consists of a combination of crabmeat and cab butter that is wrapped softly in egg. This is accompanied with “itadaki”, which is made from rice and vegetable wrapped in deep-fried tofu and boiled in soup. Meanwhile, first class customers can opt for another Tottori favourite, Daisen chicken, on routes departing Europe for Japan.

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ANA finalises £9.8bn Airbus and Boeing orders

All Nippon Airways has finalised orders for new Airbus and Boeing aircraft worth $16.5 billion (£9.8 billion) at list prices.

The Japanese carrier has signed up for 20 B777-9Xs, 14 B787-9s and six B777-300ER widebody aircraft. It has also agreed to purchase seven A320neos and 23 A321neo narrowbody jets.

The orders are part of ANA’s modernisation plan and the new aircraft will represent the backbone of its fleet well into the next decade, according to Reuters.

The deals reflect ANA’s continued commitment to Boeing widebody aircraft, while its growing narrowbody Airbus fleet will be used for short-haul and domestic services.

This is in stark contrast to that of competitor Japan Airlines, which has begun favouring Airbus’ twin-aisled jets for its long-haul operations.

JAL made its first ever order with Airbus last October when it agreed to purchase 31 A350 XWB (see news, October 2013). JAL will use the A350s to replace its ageing B777 fleet.

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