Having previously made its in-flight wifi available for free on all wifi-enabled JAL domestic aircraft for a limited period of time earlier this year, Japan Airlines (JAL) has now opted to offer wifi throughout the flight across all of its domestic flights from hereon out.

Japan Airlines had previously planned to make in-flight wifi free on its domestic services from February 1 to August 31 this year only, as part of a temporary campaign that saw its offering increased from the previous 15 minutes of complimentary wifi access.

The service will be available on all domestic JAL and Japan Transocean Air (JTA) aircraft equipped with in-flight wifi – note that international aircraft, even those flying partially on select domestic routes, will not offer free in-flight wifi service, however.

Select in-flight videos covering sports, food, music and animation, among others, can be streamed to travellers’ devices using the in-flight wifi.

To connect, travellers can click the “Free Flight Pass” button that appears after connecting to the wifi on applicable flights. Service kicks in five minutes after take off and cuts out five minutes prior to landing.

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