SpiceJet has partnered with Lufthansa Systems for BoardConnect Portable.  The new service will allow SpiceJet passengers to shop, stream movies, cricket and other content from select platforms on-board.

Lufthansa System’s BoardConnect Portable uses a battery powered tablet-size device — the Mobile Streaming Unit (MSU). The absence of cabling makes it a non-permanent installation on the aircraft, that doesn’t affect other components of the flight. This reduces cost of hardware, fitting and certification for the airline. It has an integrated modem that allows rapid wireless updates of content while the aircraft is on the ground. BoardConnect Portable allows easy hosting of content with seamless integration for  elements such as e-commerce.

Passengers will access the internet and browse content through BoardConnect Portable during a flight via their own smartphones and tablets.

The budget airline plans to equip its whole fleet with BoardConnect Portable offered by Lufthansa Systems. A memorandum of understanding was recently signed at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany. The airline said its passengers will be able to avail of this service “this year”, and has not specified the month of implementation.

“Enhancing customer experience and comfort on-board has always been our prime focus at SpiceJet. SpiceJet expects to be the first LCC in India to provide this unique entertainment and shopping experience to its customers. This is yet another step towards ensuring a Red, Hot and Spicy experience for our customers every time they step into a SpiceJet flight,” says Ajay Singh, chief marketing director at SpiceJet.

SpiceJet operates to 46 destinations across the world including 39 domestic and seven international routes.

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