Fortune Wings Club – the loyalty programme of nine Chinese airlines – will be revamped in July this year.

The new model will be a revenue-based accrual system, with points earned depending on the ticket price (including surcharge) and membership level instead of class and flight distance. Meanwhile, status upgrade criteria and level maintenance will remain unchanged.

Following is an example:

Return business class tickets on a Beijing-Tokyo route cost RMB4,480 (US$649) with RMB778 (US$113) surcharge.

Tier New calculation Points gained (new) Points gained (original)
Fortune Wings RMB10 = 10 pts 5,250 5,282
Select RMB10 = 10 + 1 pts 5,775 5,282
Silver RMB10 = 10 + 3 pts 6,825 6,603
Gold RMB10 = 10 + 6 pts 8,400 7,923
Platinum RMB10 = 10 + 8 pts 9,450 7,923

However, the change only applies to eight of the Fortune Wings Club member airlines – Hainan Airlines, Grand China Air, Tianjin Airlines, Lucky Air, Capital Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines, Yangtze River Airlines and Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines. Points for flights on Hong Kong Airlines (also a member of the loyalty programme) and other partner airlines such as Alaska Airlines, Airberlin and Etihad Airways will remain based on flight class and distance.

The new rules will be applied based on a passenger’s flight date. If you purchase tickets before July 1, and the departure date is on or after July 1, points will be awarded based on the new accrual system. Tickets purchased for flights departing before July 1 will accrue points based on the existing system.