Cathay Pacific pilot Hank Cheng completed a round-the-world trip last week using a homebuilt single-engine RV-8 light aircraft, in a journey that lasted nearly three months and covered approximately 50,000 kilometres.

Cheng’s journey took in some 20 countries in total, including Australia, the US, France, Jordan, Oman, Sri Lanka and Thailand, before finally arriving at Hong Kong International Airport at 10am on Sunday, November 13 following a flight over Victoria Harbour. The journey was supported by a group of Cathay Pacific employees, known as the Inspiration team, who worked round-the-clock to monitor Cheng’s flight progress from the Inspiration Operation Centre at Cathay Pacific City at Hong Kong International Airport.

Throughout the voyage, Cheng stopped in various destinations to share his experiences, including speaking about the goals of the Inspiration journey at the Future of Flight Aviation Center at Boeing’s Washington headquarters following a 14+ hour transpacific flight from Hilo in Hawaii to San Carlos in California.

“We are extremely proud of what Hank and all our employees involved in the Inspiration project have achieved – this is an historic moment in Hong Kong aviation and we could not be happier that their dreams have been realised,” said Cathay Pacific COO, Rupert Hogg. “They have proved to be wonderful ambassadors for Cathay Pacific and local aviation as a whole, showing fantastic spirit, true professionalism and tremendous enthusiasm throughout.”