United Airlines is collaborating with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to modernise and improve the efficiency of airport security at several of the airline’s largest hubs in the US.

The joint initiative will see United and the TSA implement the following:

Automated Screening Lanes

United will first introduce new automated baggage scanning lanes at Newark Liberty International Airport later this year. The security checkpoint at Terminal C will feature 17 automated lanes, each designed to allow five customers to load their hand luggage into bins simultaneously, and move through the screening process quicker.

United also plans to install additional automated lanes at its Chicago and Los Angeles hubs later this year.

Redesigned Security Checkpoints

The Star Alliance member and TSA are also redesigning the checkpoints at several hubs throughout the airline’s network. Key initiatives include:

  • Audio and visual enhancements in the security queueing area to provide travellers with more information
  • Consolidating the four checkpoints at Newark Liberty International Airport into a single, centralised checkpoint
  • Redesigning the security checkpoints at Chicago O’Hare
  • Constructing a new check-in area and security screen checkpoint in Terminal 7 of Los Angeles International Airport

TSA Precheck Enrolment Centres

TSA Precheck was launched in 2011, and allows registered US citizens and permanent residents to receive expedited screening for domestic and select international flights.

As part of their partnership, United and the TSA plan to open permanent enrolment centres at the airline’s hubs in Chicago, Newark, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco, thereby allowing eligible travellers to enrol for TSA Precheck status directly at the airport.

For more information, visit united.com

Clement Huang