IndiGo will launch a Visakhapatnam-Ahmedabad service from July 14. The connecting flight will be routed through Hyderabad where it will have a 30 minutes layover.

Daily flight 6E879 will take off from Ahmedabad at 0625 and land in Hyderabad at 0815. It will leave Hyderabad at 0845 and reach Visakhapatnam at 0955.

Currently, flight 6E394 flies out of Ahmedabad at 0140, lands in Delhi at 0325 where it has a layover of two hours and five minutes, and then lands in Visakhapatnam at 0740. This service will be terminated from July 20.

Return (daily) flight 6E883 will depart Visakhapatnam at 1800, land in Hyderabad at 1920. After a layover of 30 minutes it will will land in Ahmedabad at 2130.

This is in addition to the existing daily flight 6E772, also a connection.

It takes off from Visakhapatnam at 1830, has a layover of one hour and 50 minutes at Hyderabad where it lands at 2050. The flight finally reaches Ahmedabad at 0010.

Neha Gupta Kapoor