Mumbai airport (MIAL) has proposed a fee for transit passengers with connections over six hours. Currently, the fee is levied only on those utilising airport facilities for over 24 hours.

RK Jain, CEO of MIAL is of the opinion that transit passengers waiting under six hours for their connections should pay at least 50 per cent of the user fee paid by those waiting for over 24 hours for their connections.

Delhi airport (DIAL) supports charging transit passengers with connecting flights within 24 hours, but doesn’t agree with two different fee structures.

The GMR-managed DIAL wrote to DGCA saying: “Reducing the transit time from 24 to six hours will create confusion among airlines as they will have to update not only their reservations and departure control systems but will have to create two separate reports (manifests) for passengers transiting between 0-6 hours and between 6-24 hours.”

India’s aviation ministry is seeking the country’s airlines’ view on this topic before it will take a final call on what charges to levy to which passengers.

Neha Gupta