SAS signs agreements with “seven out of eight unions”

Scandinavian carrier SAS has signed agreements with seven out of the eight unions representing its cabin crew, as the airline looks to secure its future.

SAS had announced a deadline of yesterday (November 18) for reaching agreements with the unions over an extensive cost cutting plan, and this morning confirmed that it had secured agreements with all but the Danish cabin crew union.

In a statement the carrier said that “Negotiations continue and SAS will publish additional information as soon as it is available”.

SAS is attempting to push through the “4 Excellence Next Generation” (4XNG) plan, aimed at cutting annual costs cut by around SEK 3 billion (£278.5 million), with the loss of up to 6,000 jobs, salary reductions and the outsourcing of call centres and ground handling operations.

Announcing the plan earlier this month, the carrier’s president and CEO Rickard Gustafson stressed that “it truly is our ‘final call’ if there is to be a SAS in the future”.

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Report by Mark Caswell

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  • SEK 3 billion (£278.5 billion). Really? Didn’t anyone look at that and go “can SAS really have costs in such an order of magnitude?

    Can I exchange my SEK with you, because i could do with a 1000x uplift on the market rate.

  • Thanks ScottWilson – the typo has been amended. If you give me your bank details and password i’ll make sure the £287.5 billion is deposited into your account forthwith.

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