AA, BA and Iberia open Miami lounge

AA, BA and Iberia have opened their first joint lounge at Miami International airport, with facilities including “spa-like showers” and a complimentary lunch, afternoon tea and light supper menu

The new lounge replaces AA’s former Miami E Admirals Club, and is located on the fifth floor of Concourse E just past security. The facility includes seating for 120 guests, as well as a business centre with HP Compaq dc7900 PCs, two TV lounges, a children’s room and shower facilities.

The food and beverage offering includes free wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea and soft drinks, as well as lunch tea and supper menus with choices such as soup du jour and mini sandwiches.

Below are some low-res shots of the new lounge – Business Traveller will publish other images when they are available.

AA and its subsidiary American Eagle operate from sux gates in Terminal E, and joing venture partners BA and Iberia also depart from the terminal. On March 29 Iberia will launch flights between Miami and Barcelona.

The lounge is open from 1300 to 2100 for Oneworld international first and business class customers, as well as Emerald and Sapphire card holders, customers traveling on an AA-operated transcontinental full fare First Class (F and Z inventory) or full fare Business Class (J and U inventory) tickets, and Admirals Club members departing from Concourse E.

The new facility follows the opening of the first BA / AA joint lounge at Denver International airport late last year (see online news December 1, 2010).

Visit aa.com, ba.com, iberia.com.

Report by Mark Caswell

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  • Not impressed by neither the pictures nor the facilities. Looks like another AA lounge. I’ll see that “live” next month…

  • Agree with Swissdiver. They should have a look at Finnair’s new terminal instead of using AA’s standards.

  • Came through there on saturday.
    I can’t believe its a ‘new’ lounge.
    It looks like AA vacated it and it hasnt been updated yet.
    It’s a bit like the ‘Marie Celeste” !

  • These joint lounges with AA will be a total bust as they will all be full of AA Admirals Club paid members. No exclusivity any more for the other airlines where members have to earn their use of the lounge with loyalty or pay through the nose for Premium Class tickets. Just another downgrade for those of us travelling Club or First with BA.

  • Confirming my initial perception having now used this lounge. Poor and far from the BA’s standards…

  • Hello Premium Travelers,

    Don’t be fooled:

    YES, this lounge used to be an Admirals Club that closed as such a few years ago, maybe 5 ?, when all AA flights were moved out from Terminal E.

    NO: This lounge is NOT being re-open as and Admirals club, It cannot be filled by Admirals club members (by the way membership is not cheap); as it is located in another Terminal where only certain flights depart (transatlantic) AND it requires travelers to meet specific additioanl critearia to be admitted to it: a simple Advantage membership is NOT suffcient to enter.

    I also agree, that for sure, even if it s slightly better than an Admirals Club, it can be improved a lot more… make sure you tell that to AA, BA and IB to make it happen !

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