Airbnb “Experiences” planned for more US cities

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Airbnb Will Bring ‘Experiences’ to Hundreds More U.S. Cities


By Bob Curley


Airbnb announced that it will spend $5 million to expand its “Airbnb Experiences” offerings to an additional 200 cities in the U.S., building on the success of the locally guided programmes launched in a dozen cities in November 2016 and expanded to 50 cities since.


Airbnb announced that it will spend $5 million to expand its “Airbnb Experiences” offerings to an additional 200 cities in the U.S., building on the success of the locally guided programmes launched in a dozen cities in November 2016 and expanded to 50 cities since.


Activities available to Airbnb guests though Experiences range from tours to hands-on educational programs and dine-arounds. Local hosts earn fees for leading programs, with Airbnb getting a 20 per cent cut.


“By attracting travelers from around the world who seek to see cities through the eyes of a local, Airbnb Experiences bring real economic value to neighborhoods and non-profits that previously would not have benefited from tourism,” according to a company statement. “Even more, it provides a unique opportunity for people to earn extra income by showcasing their knowledge and talent with an audience of millions.”


Guest Experiences bookings are up 2000 per cent year-over-year, according to Airbnb, and the number of Experiences on offer has increased 500 per cent. “Globally we currently offer more than 4,000 experiences across 50 cities, and in the US alone, we now offer over 1,000 experiences and counting.”




Millennials prefer hotels to Airbnbs

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Millennials, Like Other Travellers, Prefer Hotels to Airbnbs


By Bob Curley


Half of U.S. travellers ages 20-36 regularly or occasionally stay in an Airbnb or another home-sharing accommodation, but less than one in four say it’s their preferred type of lodging, according to the 2018 Future of Millennial Travel Report (


Full-service hotels are the top choice for millennial travellers, followed by staying with family or friends, staying in all-inclusive resorts, and luxury hotel and resort stays, according to the report from Resonance Consultancy.


Even camping, cited by 33 percent of millennials, was preferred over short-term rentals like Airbnb (23 percent).


The findings are “contrary to the prevailing belief that hotels are in trouble with younger travelers who prefer homesharing,” said Chris Fair, president of Resonance Consultancy, a tourism, real estate, and economic development consulting firm.


Airbnbs often lack the amenities that are most popular among millennial travellers, which the report says are led by free wifi access, privacy, and a swimming pool.


“If there’s one benefit hotels currently have that homestays don’t, it’s the ability to fuel discovery by bringing people together—either on a roof top happy hour for guests only or at a WiFi-and-free-coffee-enabled morning work session,” the report added. “Strangers will rarely gather at a vacation rental. That ability to connect—to see and be seen—is significantly reduced in an apartment.”

Airbnb launches new Trips platform


Online accommodation marketplace Airbnb has launched a new platform focusing on offering travellers the ability to shape their experiences and the people they meet during their travels, in addition to booking accommodation. The new Trips platform features three key areas – Experiences, Places and Homes – with the addition of Flights and Services options planned to be added in the future.

Trips is designed to offer a convenient way to access unique experiences in particular destinations, with examples cited by the company including making violins in Paris, Samurai swordplay workshops and receiving recommendations from locals on lesser-known activities and places in their home cities.

A total of about 500 experiences in 12 cities are currently available, covering Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Detroit, Havana, London, Paris, Florence, Nairobi, Cape Town, Tokyo and Seoul. Meanwhile, hosts in these 12 and a further 39 cities worldwide are able to request to list their experience offerings on the platform.

Speaking about Trips, Airbnb CRO Brian Chesky, said: “Until now, Airbnb has been about homes. Today, Airbnb is launching Trips, bringing together where you stay, what you do and the people you meet all in one place. We want to make travel magical again by putting people back at the heart of every trip.”

Meanwhile, the Places aspect of the platform features insider guidebooks featuring recommendations from locals on the top places to visit, with 100 available at launch in six cities – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Havana, Nairobi, Detroit and Seoul, with more expected to be included in the future. A further one million individual recommendations worldwide from Airbnb hosts are available on the platform. The company has also entered into a partnership with company Detour to offer audio walking tours for select destinations.

In addition to the Experiences, Places and Homes sections, Trips will also introduce a new identity authentication process, enabling hosts and guests to scan official identification along with a selfie photograph. The new measure is a step forward in promoting safety and risk management when using the platform, a key concern among business travel planners.

The launching of a user-powered travel experience platform follows the recent launch of Parkroyal’s new smartphone app offering more than 1,000 user-curated guides. Meanwhile over the past two months, Airbnb has partnered with Delta Air Lines and Qantas to offer rewards when booking through the service.