Muslim travellers observing Ramadan over the coming month will be able to take part in a selection of exercise programmes at 15 Four Seasons properties that have been specifically tailored to those travelling during the holy month of fasting.

Throughout Ramadan, Four Seasons hotels across the Middle East and North Africa, Istanbul and Jakarta will be offering wellness activities including yoga, jogging, stretching and walking led by a resident fitness expert.

All have been adjusted to take into account local climates and appropriate levels activity during fasting. A number of the activities also take in the local sights, such as a “beachside strollers” option on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai or jogging along the Nile in Cairo.

For travellers in Asia-Pacific, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta will be offering an aquaerobics class in the hotel pool every Saturday at 4:30pm. Guests can book through the hotel spa.

Ramadan will begin on May 27 or 28 depending on whether the moon is sighted on the eve of the 27th.