Wyndham Hotels is set to launch two lifestyle brands in China this year.

Tryp by Wyndham, is a city-centric brand that “celebrates the spirit of the urban traveller by offering an insider’s look at a city’s uniqueness”.

The first property will launch in Xian in September.

“Tryp is going to be a social media, social community kind of hotel. So for example, an open pantry idea will form the lobby. We’ll get people who live in the city, not just travellers, coming to that lobby for coffee or snacks and to meet new friends”, said Leo Liu, president of Greater China, Wyndham Hotel Group.

Meanwhile, the midscale Wingate by Wyndham is another lifestyle-focused brand that will be introduced to the China market.

It will debut in Sanya this summer and appeal to those seeking a work-life balance, with the ability to stay connected and flexible.

The introduction of these two brands is a direct response to the changing demographics and attitudes of guests.

“For the past 30 years in China, hoteliers were the ones dictating to the consumer. But now, the future is in the hands of the younger generation – X, Y and Z. People born in the ’90s have a totally different approach and they are our upcoming hotel guests. Typically they want to control things themselves, I call them the ‘coach generation’; they ask us to coach them, but not tell them what they should do.

“Generation Z – those born after 2000, their approach is definitely different. The ‘leave me alone’ generation – they don’t want us hoteliers to tell them where they should stay, what they should do. And the way they are communicating is through modern channels such as the iPad, so we have to think what is the lifestyle product we’ll offer to this generation.”

Technology will focus highly in both brands, catering to these young digital natives. The brands will also utilise a range of cross-model partnerships to introduce differentiating elements. For example, Wyndham is working on a partnership with a company that has the rights to The Simpsons iconography, to introduce a fun, social element and demonstrate their distinctive approach.

Further details about the new brands and upcoming hotels will be revealed at the Wyndham Leadership Summit in Qingdao this June.

With more than 1,200 properties already in China, Wyndham is one of the biggest international hospitality players in the country, with plans to operate 2,000 properties by 2019.