Travellers looking to explore the cities they’re visiting after dark can now make use of a new night-time experiential programme offered at all Hotel Jen properties in Asia-Pacific.

The Night Light programme has been developed as a means to help guests safely explore a destination during the evening through weekly activities organised by the hotel and an interactive “living” map. These maps, available on the company’s website, continuously aggregate data from social check-ins and selected hashtags to highlight after-hours places of interest.

Maps are available for each Hotel Jen property in Asia-Pacific and can be filtered into different categories, including Touristy Things, Local Hangouts and Jen’s Picks. Along with the public, a group of local influencers also contribute to the maps offering insider knowledge on places to find home-grown art, local eats and native rituals.

“Hotel Jen caters to urban adventurers who are passionate about discovering new places, cultures and experiences,” said Marisa Aranha, Hotel Jen’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Through this new ‘Night Light’ programme, we are encouraging our guests to head out and explore the thriving activities that each destination has to offer between sunset and sunrise.

“There’s more to a city after dark than what is featured in conventional guide books and we want to provide a new perspective for busy business travellers, unabashed night owls and curious families through curated insider insights.”

In addition to the map, a selection of weekly activities are also organised at the hotel or around the city. Among these are a sunrise boot camp in Brisbane, early morning aqua Zumba in Johor, and yoga dancing in Shenyang.

Hotel Jen’s Night Life map includes its properties in Brisbane, Hong Kong, Johor, Male, Manila, Penang, Shenyang and Singapore. A new Beijing property is also set to open this year, having been delayed from its original January 2017 opening, while a Kota Kinabalu hotel is scheduled to open in 2018.