Members of Intercontinental Hotel Group’s (IHG) loyalty programme can accrue double points until April 15 for bookings made on meetings, events and accommodation. The “Double Play Double Points” offer is the group’s latest IHG Business Rewards promotion and is applicable to participating hotels worldwide.

Point accrual is capped up to bookings of US$20,000, for which members can receive 120,000 Double Points. Under the promotion, members receive six points for every US$1 spent, with double points able to be accumulated on any spend. For bookings exceeding the US$20,000 cap, members can earn double points on every dollar up until the cap with each US$1 thereafter providing the standard three points.

That said, those spending a minimum of US$20,000 on a single event or individual booking will receive an additional 35,000 supplementary points. These high-value bookings have no restriction on the number that can be made, meaning supplementary points will be awarded for each individual high-value booking that meets the minimum spend.

To be eligible for the offer, events and stays have to take place before August 31 this year.

Speaking about the promotion, Samantha Llewellyn, IHG’s vice president, customer loyalty marketing, Asia, Middle East and Africa, said: “We’re always looking for opportunities to show our appreciation to our loyal corporate members, who we know will enjoy the benefits of being able to earn twice as many points when they book their meetings, events and stays with us.”