The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has signed an agreement with Zhongda Zongfanxin Proprietary Company to manage its first property in northwest China, The Ritz-Carlton, Xian.

Expected to open in 2018, the hotel will feature a total of 288 guestrooms and suites. Two ballrooms, Japanese and Cantonese restaurants, and a sophisticated bar named Flair will also form part of the new hotel’s offerings.

Xian is known as one of China’s “Four Ancient Capitals” and the Shaanxi province capital was home to 13 imperial Chinese dynasties. The city is also the location of renowned archaeological finds including the Unesco World Heritage Terracotta Warriors, which were buried with China’s first Qin emperor.

“To explore Xian is to unearth the history of China, making it one of the world’s great cities on a global itinerary for our guests,” said Hervé Humler, president and COO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. “We’re delighted to be partnering with Zhongda Zongfanxin Proprietary Company to open the first Ritz-Carlton in such an important and culturally significant destination.”

Along with Terracotta Warriors, travellers to Xian can also explore the city’s Ming-era walls and the narrow lanes of the Muslim Quarter, while temples and cultural relics from Xian’s time as a key point on the ancient Silk Road also dot the city.