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Heathrow Express unveils £16 million rebrand

Published: 08/03/2012 - Filed under: News »

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Heathrow Express has unveiled a new-look brand which will be put in place before the Olympics this summer.

The train service which links Heathrow and Paddington in central London is spending £16 million on its new brand which includes refurbished train carriages and new staff uniforms (see below). The ticket offices at Heathrow and Paddington will also be revamped in the new corporate colours.

Heathrow Express has been operating for 15 years and is owned by the airport’s operator BAA.

The enhanced train interiors in first class have been designed by Tangerine, which was the company behind British Airways’ first flat-bed seat.

The operator said the new first class layout "reflects an airline with a row of four seats, two seats on either side separated by an aisle in the middle facing either forward or rearward direction of travel".

Keith Greenfield, Heathrow Express’ managing director, said: “There will be individual seats for privacy in First Class – they will be larger and more comfortable.

“In Express Class, we will be offering passengers the ability to download, email and recharge their portable devices. We will also be offering widescreen TVs offering flight departure and airport information.

“The changes will take place as London prepares to welcome the world for the Olympic Games.”

The roll-out will be introduced in stages with the new train due to be unveiled on April 26 and staff will begin wearing the company’s new uniforms in July.

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Report by Rob Gill

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JordanD - 08/03/2012 15:48

Errm ... were Monarch having a suit sale?

Ozavanti - 08/03/2012 20:37

No wonder they have been striking - ewwww!

edi-traveller - 08/03/2012 23:07

So is that a fancy way of saying that first class is now 2x2 rather than 1x2......?

seanyjmuclhr - 09/03/2012 12:16

Guys, it's a 15 minute train journey, who cares what the staff look like? Or whether the TVs are big enough? I'd be far more interested if they actually made the journey affordable and not the rip-off that it continues to be.

AsiaPacific - 15/03/2012 12:16

seanyjmuclhr - agree entirely... all a bit superfluous on a 15 min journey... speed, punctuality and price... is all that matters in my mind...

davidbell - 15/03/2012 13:56

It's actually a 25 minute journey, it happens every 15 minutes. But yes, I can't see the point of spending extra for a seat for such a short journey time, regardless of the staff's uniform.

TerryMcManus24 - 15/03/2012 15:03

Looks like somebody has chucked a bucket of yellow paint over the....wot a mess

Seasons - 15/03/2012 19:23

"it's a 15 minute train journey, who cares what the staff look like?"

Bet you wouldn't be saying that if they weren't clothed at all!

But I do agree, the price is a rip-off.

theworldtraveller - 15/03/2012 22:19

If they charged a flat £5 each way, it would make more money than the current rip off fares . I would travel on it then, at the moment why waste your money.

..but this is BAA, they are not great at running an airport (snow, bad weather, long taxi times on most flights etc) that is cost efficient, so why not do the same with the train!

SteveTaylor1 - 15/03/2012 23:36

2+1 becomes 2+2 in first class AND none of the models in the photo actually work on Heathrow Express - BAA, what the hell are you trying to do with this piece of propoganda?

nick50000 - 16/03/2012 06:22

that uniform is disgusting!

" the new first class layout 'reflects an airline with a row of four seats, two seats on either side separated by an aisle in the middle facing either forward or rearward direction of travel' " - isn't this just the current standard class?

RichardBarr - 16/03/2012 08:23

So short a journey that if you must go first class, you have a serious ego problem.

In any case, the Heathrow connect is a much better value if you have an extra 15 minutes to travel.

Conductor - 16/03/2012 12:21

As Pam Ann would say.... Vile

excessbaggage - 16/03/2012 15:06

Davidbell - Heathrow Express advertises the journey as being 15 minutes to T1-3, 21 minutes to T5, and 25 minutes to T4.

seanyjmuclhr - 12/11/2012 19:40

@seasons - if they weren't clothed at all, then I wouldn't mind paying the exorbitant fares to ride this service. Until then, I will take other means of transport to LHR.

Only in the UK and its messed-up rail system can so much be charged for such a short train ride. RIdiculous.


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