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Flybe and Easyjet launch loyalty credit cards

Published: 16/01/2008 - Filed under: News »

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Budget carriers Flybe and Easyjet have both launched credit cards offering free flights.

First up, Flybe is offering a Mastercard credit card through Sygma Bank UK. The card works in conjunction with the airline’s Rewards4All loyalty scheme, with cardholders earning one point for every £250 spent.

Redemption values start at 16 points for a UK return flight, rising to 24 points for a European return flight. Note though that the free flights cover the actual air fare only - taxes and charges must be paid for separately.

As an introductory offer Flybe is offering a free return European flight (again not including taxes) after the first purchase has been made on the card.

Meanwhile, Easyjet has teamed up with Citibank to offer a Mastercard credit card. Users earn one mile (equivalent to one pence redeemable against Easyjet flights) for every £1 spent in the UK, two miles for every pound spent overseas, and three points for every pound spent on Easyjet flights and products at The advantage of this card is that points may be used to pay taxes and charges as well as the air fare.

Again there are introductory incentives – for the first three months cardholders will earn 10 points for every pound spent at rather than the usual three. In addition, any cardholder spending over £250 in their first three months will qualify for a bonus 4,000 miles, or £40 against an Easyjet flight.

The two new cards join the recently launched Lloyds TSB Duo card (offering Airmiles – see online news January 10 for details of its revamped loyalty scheme), and the Natwest Your Points scheme, which partners with American Airlines, Ebookers and Easyjet. Natwest had itself partnered with Airmiles until last year, and at present the Your Points scheme is only available to existing Natwest customers who had been previously been eligible for Airmiles.

For more information visit,,,

Report by Mark Caswell

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viking01 - 14/04/2008 07:53



As part of the offer, you can make balance transfers onto the card, interest free, for a period of 6 months. But if you do take advantage of the offer, what you'll find is firstly you are charged £30 for transferring the balance, and secondly, you are charged interest on every transaction you make on the card, even if you clear the balance of these transactions completely at the end of each month.

The reason?

Easyet (or Citibank which runs this card for it), say that you only get interest free transactions if you clear the balance at the end of each month. And by that,they mean clear not only the transactions you've made that month, but also the balance transfer. So if you take out the card, and transfer, say, £2,000 onto it, and then make £200-worth of transactions each month, even if you clear that £200, you will be charged interest on them because you haven't cleared the balance (ie: the other £2,000).

I think that's misleading of the company, and I am complaining about it, for what it's worth.

Meanwhile, I have a credit card I can't use for six months (or accrue easyjet miles on) without incurring interest !

I'm disappointed with Easyjet, though. It's the sort of thing I'd expect from Ryanair, but I thought Easyjet was made of better stuff.

I'm saddled with a card that gives me one pence off the price of an easyjet flight for every one pound I spend (more if I use the card to buy an easyjet flight), but which charges me an even greater rate of interest than this benefit every time I use the card.

The net result?

I won't use it, and so won't get any benefit from having it.

Far from building loyalty with the airline, this card has only annoyed me.

Not a very successful affinity programme.


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