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Delta prepares for T4 JFK opening

Published: 23/05/2013 - Filed under: News »

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Delta Airlines is gearing up for the opening of its new Terminal 4 at New York’s JFK Airport tomorrow.

At a press conference in New York, CEO Richard Anderson said: "T4 is a major step forward for Delta. We will have 18 international wide-bodied gates and as the largest international carrier at JFK this is a watershed event for Delta."

The newly extended Terminal 4 represents a $1.4 billion investment by the airline and will officially open tomorrow with the first long haul flight heading out to Tokyo Narita. The expansion of concourse B adds nine gates, a refurbishment of seven gates, a new 24,000ft lounge above the gates as well as the new SkyDeck.

Delta regards the new T4 as its "most important global gateway, with service to 100 cities worldwide", more than any other carrier, as it points out.

Anderson also mentioned that there would be a "Phase 2" which would add "another 11 additional gates at the airport".

He said: "Phase 1 has around 100 check-in and kiosk capabilities throughout the facility, and can handle over 3,000 international passengers each hour, with a SkyClub with a deck which looks out over JFK."

Business Traveller will be reporting from New York for the opening of the new extended terminal.

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Report by Tom Otley

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Bucksnet - 23/05/2013 20:44

I think this story needs to be clarified somewhat.

The new terminal 4 opened in 2001 at a cost of $1.4 billion, and 11 additional gates were agreed this year, so what exactly has happened?

SiteAdministrator - 23/05/2013 21:12

Hi Bucksnet.

T4 has been in existence since 2001 as you point out. Delta is calling this the opening of "the new T4" - "new" presumably because as well as an extensive renovation and extension and spending $1.4 billion, it has "Nine new gates and seven renovated gates in T4's Concourse B"

I've tried to clarify it by calling it "extended" because of the new gates being added to concourse B and the new lounges etc....


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