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Air France ups its game with new First Class cabin

Published: 07/05/2014 - Filed under: News »

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Air France has confirmed a major upgrade of its first class cabin, unveiling a product it believes will match the best of the Asian and Middle East carriers.

The seat will enter service in September on the airline's Paris to Singapore route and features a 79in-long bed with a futon mattress that is 30in wide. It includes a curtain divider that is used to create the effect of a private cabin.

Air France La Premiere

The new seats are by BE Aerospace and include an ottoman for dining with a companion plus a bedside lamp and 24in TV. The décor is an understated grey with wood accents offset by red trimming and accessories.

The €50 million investment will be made to the 19-strong B777-300 fleet, but with only four seats — or suites — on each aircraft, there will be just 76 suites in total.

The move comes days after Etihad unveiled its own first class upgrade (see news, May 4).

Bruno Matheu, Air France's head of passenger business, admitted that first class generated less than two per cent of long-haul revenue, but said that with average ticket prices of around €9,000, the cabin was highly profitable.

The new seat stats are as follows:

  • BED LENGTH 201cm
  • BED WIDTH 77cm
  • SEAT WIDTH 57cm

Gary Noakes

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MrPeePee - 07/05/2014 22:07

About time - flew first on the Paris - Singapore route a while back, and apart from the fact there's a bit more space, the current offer isn't that different to most better quality business class cabins.

But €50m for 76 suites - someone's having le laugh!!!

MarcusUK - 07/05/2014 22:24

How do Air France know that "people do not like" the closing doors on First Suites if they do not have any?
The curtains move when closed, they will not stop noise, and they rarely stay closed with aircraft movement, as the ones that divide cabins.
I disagree with them, also as a shareholders of AF/KLM.
This is just a First class seat with a curtain, not a Suite, and nothing new or innovative, even if an improvement on what they currently offer.
I would not be tempted compared to the First Apartments of Etihad, or in fact the Studio's of Etihad (business), that i think would match AF's new First.

Neither are they providing anything like the ground services that Etihad does.

ANDREWYOUNG1 - 08/05/2014 09:18

I like the table lamp - similar to the SWISS first class suite.

In answer to your question MarcusUK re how AF know that people don't like the closing doors - I would imagine they have carried out research with customers.

Luv2Fly - 15/05/2014 11:30

Agree with MrPeePee - somebody is having a serious laugh (all the way to the bank) if they've managed to charge AF €50m for 76 suites. That works out at €0.66m per seat. Even allowing for installation costs, those are seriously over-priced seats - how much more if they'd gone for sliding doors?

chewkc65 - 15/05/2014 16:11

€50m for 76 suites and that works out at €0.66m per seat? Well, guess who ultimately pays for those seats. :-)

Challenge - 17/05/2014 14:49

I truly like the idea of curtains. They offer real privacy as opposed to sliding doors where the crew can see into your suite. Well done AF, you proposed something different! And it's just ridicoulus trying to compare with Etihad. Compare with BA and the Business class seat on offer in their so called First Class!


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