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Qatar postpones inaugural A380 route by another month

Published: 07/07/2014 - Filed under: News »

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Qatar Airways has once again postponed its inaugural A380 route to London Heathrow.

The Gulf carrier had only last week adjusted its schedule to show its Doha to LHR service was due to start on September 1 (see news, July 4).

Now, just days later, comes the news that the superjumbo service has again been postponed by another month, to October 1.

It had originally been scheduled to launch on June 17, before it was first postponed by two weeks until July 1 (see news, May 28), then again to August 1 (see news, June 16), and then again to September 1.

The A380 is now due to be deployed on the Heathrow route at the beginning of October, reports

And Qatar Airways' A380 service to Paris Charles De Gaulle has also been postponed, until October 15.

The airline, which has 13 superjumbos on order, first revealed it would fly the A380 to LHR when it debuted its first class cabin at the ITB trade fair in Berlin (see news, March 5).

It then released images of its forthcoming A380-800 first class lounge and bathroom interiors (see news, April 29).

The carrier will fit out its A380s in a three-class configuration of first, business and economy over two decks. The new first class A380 seat features a 90-inch seat pitch, transforming into a fully-flat bed.

Graham Smith

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BA319131 - 07/07/2014 16:56

Have you asked Qatar as to the nature of the entry into service delays?

StephenLondon - 07/07/2014 18:15

This is now making QR a laughing stock...first the airport was delayed by how long, then opens without the premium lounges and now they can't get their 380s into the air. What will the A350 start be, 2019??

AMcWhirter - 08/07/2014 13:48

And now QR has cancelled plans to display its new A380 at Farnborough. It is unclear whether or not Airbus will substitute another A380, according to Flight Global.

AhmadAR - 08/07/2014 20:07

Something tells me they may have surprise up their sleeve. I noted the cryptic remark of QR's CEO to Tom when asked about the Heathrow slot being used for a small aircraft. Let's see whether his promised surprise has something to do with the A380's delay.

BA319131 - 09/07/2014 06:20

Reading another aviation forum, word is some QR aircraft specific items ordered via a 3rd party did not fit when they arrived for fitting.....


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