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BA brings in Gold Executive Club cancellation fee

Published: 31/03/2014 - Filed under: News » Loyalty »

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British Airways Executive Club Gold members will from today have to pay change and cancellation fees.

The news means that top tier members of BA's frequent flyer programme will be charged £35 per passenger for any ticket changes.

It is thought that this change in Gold tier benefits may have been implemented to limit multiple speculative bookings.

If so, then it may free up more seats for either redemption bookings or paid travellers.

The news arrived without any advance notice, save for a message on the final page of the award-booking process on each Gold member's account.

It reads: "Please note that from March 31, 2014 our terms and conditions have changed: Change and cancellation fees now apply to Gold Members."

Earlier this month, BA launched a business class leisure fare (see news, March 12).

Graham Smith

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penultimate - 01/04/2014 16:13

I think it is outrageous to bring in a change like this without any advance notice. Not the way to treat to your high status clients. It was one of the most valuable perks that they offered. I am likely to use British Airways less and get status equivalent status with an airline that does not charge change fees for point tickets.

GrahamAstle - 03/04/2014 11:11

A once good now very average airline, getting more average every day :(

UWSTony - 03/04/2014 17:38

BA keeps taking perks away one at a time, as if we won't notice. I also think this is outrageous and it challenges my loyalty to them. There are many other ways to get across the pond.


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