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Eurostar brings in single tickets to Germany

Published: 31/01/2014 - Filed under: News »

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Eurostar passengers can from today purchase through-tickets to six German cities after the operator signed a deal with Deutsche Bahn.

A single ticket can now be purchased from Eurostar's website for an entire journey from the UK to either Aachen, Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt or Munich.

Eurostar runs up to nine services per day to Brussels where passengers can change platforms to board a Deutsche Bahn high-speed ICE train to the German destinations.

A further six German cities — Hamburg, Berlin, Hannover, Essen, Bremen and Duisburg — will also be available exclusively through Eurostar's call centre.

Eurostar said that there would be no seat reservations on the Deutsche Bahn part of the journey and passengers would have the "flexibility to take a later train if they would like to spend time in Brussels".

Eurostar commercial director Nick Mercer said: "With over six million passengers currently travelling by air between London and Germany each year, we see huge potential to encourage more travellers to make the switch from air to high-speed rail.

"In partnership with Deutsche Bahn our fast, frequent and comfortable service to Germany will strengthen the links between the two countries and help transform the way people travel between these important financial and tourist hubs."

Eurostar recently revealed that it plans to start a route to Amsterdam, to start at the earliest in December 2016 (see news, September 27).

Graham Smith

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MarkCymru - 31/01/2014 18:34

It's a lovely thought but I hope it works better than SNCF through tickets.

If you buy these on Eurostar, the Eurostar system does not ask what kind of seat you want and does not show what kind of seat you have received. Their call centre claim not to be able to see either. They also say that they have no way of requesting a different seat from SNCF.

Having spotted that I had a dreaded table-of-four seat assigned in First (there are many fewer of them on SNCF than on Eurostar's own stock), I went to change the seat at the SNCF ticket desk in Lille before boarding my connection to Lyon. However I couldn't because Eurostar issue no refund / no change tickets -- I have never even managed to buy one of these on first class on SNCF so I assume that it is a fare class reserved for the customers of bargain-hunting foreign rail carriers (SNCF's own "loisirs" fares permit changes before departure).

Fortunately, my train turned out not to be full and I found a solo seat but it was enough to remind me why it's better to always buy separate Eurostar and SNCF tickets.

MarcusUK - 01/02/2014 21:28

Mark, I agree.

I made a few reviews of the Eurostar and Thalys recently, London - Amsterdam.
Alex made several very valid points on border controls, security etc,

Eurostar do not link in services or communications with Thalys, on my train stating they would hold for a connecting Thalys AMS-Midi for those of us travelling onto London. It was all rubbish and 21 people were left to wait 2 hrs for the next train with no assistance, and IF they would be allowed to get on a different peak service, as Eurostar did not accept responsibility for Thalys services.
The same will happen with ICE, and Alex's points on having to get off one train or security clearance, border controls, even if the same train was used, a major delay.

It is too unreliable, too time consuming, and if they cannot bother to communicate, or have no system access to each other, will be a failure.

Why would you want to link from London to germany with an unreliable 5-7 hr trip, compared to a £99 return by plane? Too many variables, and high chance of it going wrong.

The only security you have if to book two trains as you mention Mark, but if one Company fails you, the other accept no responsibility. Until one train / Company travels through to any EU destination, and a centralised once only need to go through all the processes is facilitated, to me it is a pointless Business Model.

LadyLondon - 08/02/2014 00:06

I really can't see how this improves over the purchase facilities that have existed for many years via sncf, european rail and indeed, DB amonsgst many others from whom tickets offering a similar experience and pricing have been able to be purchased and, incidentally, often at considerably better rates.


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