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Ryanair 'defeated' by high-speed train services

Published: 20/01/2014 - Filed under: News »

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It's unusual for Ryanair to surrender to anyone.

But it appears the Irish budget carrier has conceded defeat to the train in its attempt to operate a viable air service between Milan and Rome.

Ryanair will cease flying between Italy's two most important cities with effect from the end of March, reports Swiss aviation website

It currently operates between Milan Orio al Serio and Rome Ciampino, but increasing pressure from two high-speed rail firms appears to have made the route commercially unviable.

Italy is unique among every other country in mainland Europe, and the UK, in having not just one, but two high-speed train operators using modern high-speed trains to ply the same route.

One operator is state-owned Trenitalia, the other is "open access" firm Italo. Together, both provide a frequent and reasonably priced train service throughout the day, taking just over three hours and 15 minutes between the two cities.

Full details of both train firms can be found in the September 2013 issue of Business Traveller.

Alex McWhirter

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superchris - 20/01/2014 11:07

will they continue to be reasonably priced with less competition though.....

AMcWhirter - 20/01/2014 12:37

Hello superchris

Not sure whether you're referring to the plane or the train ... ?

But there will still be plenty of air service linking Milan with Rome so prices should not change.

As for the train, well my Platform article last September talks about the very frequent train services plying between these two cities. One interesting feature with Italian trains (unlike their UK counterparts) is that they offer a greater variety of accommodation with fares and seating catering to different market segments. So train fares would not be expected to change (now that Ryanair appears to be quitting the route).

BlackTower - 21/01/2014 18:49

Bergamo airport is a very long way out of Milan

Very different propositions really

AMcWhirter - 22/01/2014 09:48

BlackTower - that's true for Milan. But it's swings and roundabouts because Ryanair uses Rome Ciampino which is much closer to the city centre than Fiumicino. The former is around 9 miles out of town whereas Fiumicino is 16 miles out.

NigelHuggins - 23/01/2014 09:48

Personally I would suggest its because the Itailans would appear to demand higher standards for their chosen mode of transport, with a credible mechanism for any complaints / suggestions.They clearly also demand trasparent pricing and polite responses to questions.


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