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Star Alliance revamps business rewards programme

Published: 30/12/2013 - Filed under: News » Loyalty »

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Star Alliance has revamped its loyalty programme aimed at small and medium sized companies.

Formerly known as Star Alliance Company Plus in the UK and Ireland, the scheme - which allows businesses to pool points earned by employees and exchange them for benefits including cashback, award flights, upgrades, airport parking and limo transfers – has been renamed Partner Plus Benefit in line with the programme’s global brand name.

As part of the revamp, members can now also earn points on all revenue booking classes, "including the lowest ones".

Christian Schindler, Lufthansa's general manager UK and Ireland, said: "As part of the largest company bonus programme worldwide, which has proven itself globally for many years, our clients will continue to enjoy increased benefits and for the first time the opportunity to earn points on all revenue booking classes.

"PartnerPlusBenefit members can earn and burn points on all ten airlines in the programme in one easy to manage account. No other similar programme in this country includes so many carriers working together in that way."

Ten Star Alliance carriers currently participate in the scheme: Air Canada, ANA, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, LOT Polish, Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss, TAP Portugal and United, as well as Lufthansa subsidiary Germanwings.

The programme transfer officially takes place on January 7, 2014, but a new website has already been set up at

Mark Caswell

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prosborn - 03/01/2014 04:47

The widening of the scheme to “including the lowest ones” is, at first sight, welcome, but it will presumably come at a price.

I must say that I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, the SACP programme, even though much of my travel has been in non-qualifying booking classes.

In particular, the staff of the Amsterdam office (which is my 'beat') have always been the paragon of friendiness, care, competence and efficiciency. I appreciate their work.

I have read in various FQTV fora that LH are taking this move of shifting SACP to an outside company, as part of their dogma of privatising (divesting) everything. It is an antiquated move, so so 80s, which defies comprehension.

We have read recently that the Germany economic hegemony will soon be replaced by a British one. Seems like LH are wanting to bring on that day.

A Senator, but only because of Swiss, not LH.

- Paul


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