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    My wife and I recently flew on the A380 from Paris to Los Angeles. First when making the reservation, had it not been for and a description of the aircraft, I would’ve been lost in making reservations through Air France. I usually don’t write comments like this, but given my positive experience I decided to do so hoping to help other travelers.

    We were confirmed for seats 61K,L but for unclear reasons the seats were changed to 60 A,B which are bulkhead seats. I did not catch that until after we boarded the aircraft. By then it was too late to change. As it turned out those seats, and probably 60 K,L are probably the most roomy in that section.

    I usually like to have easy access to my briefcase during flights, so being in the bulkhead I had to store my briefcase overhead. On the positive side, however, the two seats closest to the windows (AB and KL) each have large compartments beside the window seat in order to store items. The bulkhead seats actually have access to three compartments. If one needs to get something from the overhead bin there is ample room to do so without disturbing the person in the seat next to you.

    I would avoid the middle seats 60 E,F (and possibly 65 E,F although I did not see them) as there is no room to store items in front of you and you have no access to the side compartments. The couple in the middle section next to us had to repeatedly get up and down to retrieve the items in the overhead bin. The very picky downside is that the television monitors in the bulkhead seats are pop-up and smaller than the monitors which are on the backs of the other seats.

    I agree with other reviewers that the bathroom in the front business section is rather large and modern. I did not visit the other bathrooms. I also agree that the “lounge area” at the front of the business section is useless and not well designed.

    The boarding process went very smoothly as Air France had at least three walk ways to board based on seating.

    The service was initially friendly and the lunch meal was quickly served. After that there was very little attention from the flight attendants for about seven hours until the second meal was served about two hours prior to landing. It was an 11.5 hour flight.

    There was supposedly a snack buffet during the flight, but it was unannounced just consisted of small sandwiches and ice cream in the galley area between the upper business sections. I didn’t know this until I walked to the galley to find someone. One flight attendant was sitting in the area completing a crossword puzzle. It would’ve been much better had a flight attendant come through the aisles offering food and beverages as is common with other airlines during long flights. When I asked for a nonalcoholic beverage it was usually in a small glass only 3/4 full. I must say that when I used to call like to ask for something the flight attendants were prompt and courteous.

    There is ample entertainment on board including very recently released movies.

    The flight itself was fairly smooth. Interestingly there are cameras mounted on the outside of the plane so that passengers can get your views from the tail of the plane, the nose, and the underside. We were able to actually see the plane land.

    Overall I liked the plane and the accommodations. Better service would have made for a more enjoyable flight.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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