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iPad3: Coming March 7th?

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VintageKrug - 28/02/2012 20:45 GMT

Rumours suggest the long awaited iPad3 will be revealed at an event on March 7th, just over a week away.

ChrisBuda82 - 28/02/2012 20:51 GMT

Old news, been on the Mac sites for couple of mouths now about this, the 1st date was ment to be the jobs birthday think 24 feb but they could not make it. Also new Apple TV too on that date, the press will be some time this week.

Vk you should read and good mac info.

BeckyBoop - 28/02/2012 21:04 GMT

Overrated and over hyped rubbish, the boss had one and found he couldnt use it for business except for basic email, his wife now has it... best stick to a laptop.... shame it looks and feels awesome :(

ChrisBuda82 - 28/02/2012 21:06 GMT

Office for Ipad is coming out soon so will be good business, there is lot of good apps that good for business now than when the ipad 1st came out.

edi-traveller - 28/02/2012 21:17 GMT

I ditched my 10 ton work laptop and can achieve much more on my iPad. But then I work in an industry with such a paranoid approach to IT we have only just upgraded to Windows XP from 2000.

I asked if I could have Evernote on my work station and got laughed at.

BeckyBoop - 28/02/2012 21:18 GMT

Chris will this be a cut down version of ms office and include project i have to work with project plans alot and update large spreadsheets with macros and all sorts sometimes laptops are just too small not sure if an ipad would be up to it :(

VintageKrug - 29/02/2012 07:15 GMT

Pricepoint expected to be around$579, slightly more than the current $499 lead in for the basic WiFi only model.

JohnnyEnglish - 29/02/2012 07:25 GMT

I recently won an iPad (admittedly I wouldn't have bought one) but for the frequent traveller, the best thing in my opinion, is the ability to watch UK television online via the right apps. I still travel with my laptop, though.

JohnnyEnglish - 29/02/2012 07:29 GMT

Edi-traveller, have you tried using Evernote online through the internet. I also have a restrictive IT policy, but the web version seems to maintain full functionality.

VintageKrug - 29/02/2012 09:36 GMT

What's "Evernote"?

- 29/02/2012 09:40 GMT

ChrisBuda82 - 29/02/2012 20:08 GMT

Was in the apple store today the guy said in his thoughts that ipad3 be april! his thought not from apple:P

- 29/02/2012 20:13 GMT

Not been impressed by Ipad, looks a bit like a play thing to me. I am waiting for new MacBook AIrs which will finally have the clout to match the looks assuming they get Ivy Bridge processors with GPU acceleration.

ChrisBuda82 - 29/02/2012 20:17 GMT

I get where your coming from Rich but what would be good Macbook Air with Ipad built in.

MartynSinclair - 07/03/2012 01:23 GMT

I have just had a meeting with an economist cancelled tomorrow as he has been invited to an iPAD press briefing in the city being beamed live from West Coast.

Seems the wait is nearly over.

LuganoPirate - 07/03/2012 02:51 GMT

I love the iPad and I hope it's worth the upgrade with plenty of new features,otherwise I won't bother.

VintageKrug - 14/03/2012 10:22 GMT

Has anyone ordered one?

BeckyBoop - 14/03/2012 10:24 GMT

There is no Ipad 3 only Ipad2 HD :(

HedgeFundFlyer - 14/03/2012 10:47 GMT

Would love one but my ipad 2 is less than a year old and I can't really justify the expense. I may give it to my mum though!

The usual queue of nutters is already forming outside the Apple store on Regent Street. I love Apple products but what possesses people to sit in all elements for 5 days to get hold of, basically, the same device with a better screen and 4G is beyond me.

Besides, if you buy one via the BA estore, you get Avios!!

BeckyBoop - 14/03/2012 10:50 GMT

Tesco screwed up

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