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QF A380 -which seat to choose?


flier74 - 22/07/2011 10:57 BST

We booked a trip to Australia in J going out on the QF A380 back on the BA 747. Now while we already booked our favourite seats in the 747 upstairs we need some advice re the 380, Seatplans says forward cabin so we have seats pre assigned there in row 12. Has anyone been on it and share the experience and some advise re nice seats for 2 pax travelling together? Thanks for your ideas in advance

VectorOne - 22/07/2011 11:16 BST

Had 11A and B on my last trip...absolutely perfect. Contrary to Seatplans I didn't notice any extra traffic and the bar area/lounge didn't get much use - had it to myself most of the time.

The A380 is a wonderful aircraft - have a great trip.

flier74 - 22/07/2011 13:43 BST

Thank you VectorOne,
currently we have 12Jk which apparently are nice seats too so may stick with them unless others say 11 is a lot better. Appreciate your reply

Cantona07 - 28/07/2011 10:31 BST

I have now travelled on the A380 six times, each time with Emirates I must add. My favorite seat would be 11A, however if travelling together with my partner I would definately select any of the middle seats (on Emirates)

This is a great plane, the sound and comfort levels are at another level.

LPMelbourne - 28/07/2011 10:42 BST

I fly the QF380 in J all the time and I personally feel that rows 12 and 13 are a bit more comfortable than row 11 in terms of space. Left hand side definitely quieter than right hand side as the lounge area can get noisy - either with groups of people or when the area is being used to entertain children. Not on every flight, but if I had a choice, I would always play it safe and go for A/B seats.

Shanwick1249 - 28/07/2011 11:34 BST

I have only flown QF A380 once from LHR out and back, but having spent a lot of time on EK A380s I was unimpressed by QF. The airline has done almost nothing to differentiate its A380 Business cabin from the rest of its fleet and compared to the fantastic cabin on EK, QF is actually quite a disappointment.

The flat seats are long, but narrow, and all-in-all it was hard to say there was any improvement over the 747 cabin - which is not how it should be.

macaulay - 28/07/2011 12:37 BST

I agree with "Shanwick" QF is dull,Business & First.
Last winter to and from OZ (4 crews) only the Brit. crew ex London were good.
First is only feet from the noise of Economy through the curtain!!
Who thought that layout would ever encourage me to return?
If I were you think non A380,think lateral.
From what I read Mid Eastern, even Asian airlines offer more in many respects.

Stephen787 - 31/07/2011 20:49 BST

I traveled in 19K (window seat) last week and was more than happy with the seat in the main cabin. It was a night flight so very quiet. The benefit of the window seats is that they have the side lockers to put your hand luggage so no need to get up to access any items during the flight. I read somewhere that row 20 or 21 have lockers that don't open.
Overall the crew could have been more friendly and I think the catering is loosing its edge.

austline - 01/08/2011 05:09 BST

I fly QF fairly regularly and I like 12E on the A380 very private and no one can climb over you. Bed is lie flat and PJ's great as you can really get comfy. Food and wine is always good on QF and the BA or QF lounges are always good value. As most of my business travels are to Nigeria and Ghana I try and go via LHR as I like QF/BA combination. BA is great ex Acc/Los/Abv.

I have used EK but apart from the strange config on the A380 - some seats have more room than others, the food is disappointing and the wine list very average. However that aside I cannot handle the Dubai Zoo - the EK J class lounge at Dubai, it’s crowded, noisy and akin to a railway station, last time I couldn't even get a seat, people were sitting on the floor it was pretty ordinary in the end I went to the boarding lounge and waited for my connecting flight there. I have given up with EK and have no intention of going via Dxb again!

First.Class.Please - 01/08/2011 07:52 BST

Row 24 and 25 are quite good as these are only 2 rows in the back cabin part of business and therefore very quiet, with no foot traffic.

Front row of Premium Economy is right behind row 25, but been lucky enough not to encounter any screaming babies there on my trips.

Travelling on it in a few weeks, Row 25a and b.

A tip, if you can, book the QF flight under the BA codeshare, if you want more luggage allowance.

QF offer 32kg, but BA allow 3 peices of 32kg each.

Shanwick1249 - 02/08/2011 13:41 BST


I was just reflecting on the cabins where I think there's no question that EK is better. The 'strange' config on the seats that you mention is especially good if you choose a window and get total privacy, but always with the option to go back to the bar. The QF A380s are just another plane and that's a shame.

Having been in for a look at the QF First cabins (when I was allowed wander unchecked downstairs and around the aircraft) I thought they were just about at EK Business standard. Maybe the service is wonderful but the service I encountered was decent, not spectacular

I don't remember much about the actual food but I was hugely disappointed by the wine. You get a mammoth list describing in loving detail all the fabulous wines that QF lavishes such care and attention on – and there there's two bottle to choose from on board. What a let down.

I agree with you on the Dubai Zoo though. The lounges are now a shambles and the terminals can feel like a refugee camp - not to mention the crazed security pantomime when changing planes which utterly destroys any illusion of customer service at DXB. Like you I have pretty much given up on EK because of the miserable transit experience - although I am going EK A380 all the way from LHR to PEK later in the year because I love the aircraft.

DanDare1975 - 02/08/2011 14:07 BST

I flew this route several times last year on a mixture of BA and QF 747s and QF A380s and I have to admit my favourite of the three is still the BA 747 upstairs. BA's CW seat is just more comfortable than QF's seat in my opinion, and the more cosy upstairs cabin on the 747 is something I've always liked, and found easier to sleep in. The QF A380 is still an interesting experience though, if you are flying in the day time and can't sleep the better IFE on the A380 is very useful too. I would say that rows 12 or 24 are probably best. Row 12 (seats A/B) is also handy for the self service bar but not too close to the lounge area which can get noisy. If you're just looking to sleep or watch movies I'd go for row 24.

Totally agree with all of the comments about EK, DXB ruins the whole experience.

PerthWA - 05/08/2011 01:01 BST

Did MEL/LAX last week in seat 11F.
Apart from the fact that the 'storage' space for a book/glasses is diabolical in all QF J class seats (who is Marc Newsom anyway?!), 11F was annoying.


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