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Cathay Pacific Economy Class Seats


Aravindha - 10/08/2009 12:03 BST


My wife and myself are travelling Cathay Pacific Hong Kong-SFO on Boeing 747. We have picked the last but one row of the aircraft seat map as it offers 2 seat config (Window and Aisle) while the rest of the economy class is 3-4-3. Is the two seat at the rear of the aircraft ok for comfort and leg space. Any disadvantages for the same. Please let me know

- 10/08/2009 13:59 BST


I once tried the seatings on the rear end of a CX B747, the seats you reserved are good for twosomes. Especially the window seat-you have a bit of space between you and the window( good for extra legroom). But be advised that it could be busy because of the toilets near the seats at the rear of the plane

Enjoy your trip!!

MarcusUK - 10/08/2009 17:10 BST

Try BT seatplan guide or

These are well researched, each Airline & aircraft type, Configuration, & any seat specifics are highlighted. Some of the sites enable you to review the above & leave a rating or comment.

jiwihng - 11/08/2009 11:01 BST

If your aircraft is fitted with the new economy class seats, that slide forward instead of reclining backward, you will have a very pleasant ride anywhere on the aircraft. Plenty of legroom and no-one reclining during your meal/ when you're watching TV/ when you're trying to type on a notebook.

watersz - 11/08/2009 15:37 BST

personaly the increased fish tailing especially during weather is enough for me to go for as far forward as possible when choosing seats (unless middle seats )

continentalclub - 15/08/2009 21:27 BST

Aravindha - I'd be fascinated to read your thoughts post-flight if you are on a refurbished aircraft with the hard-shell seats in Economy.

I'm hoping that they're as good as they look and, if they are, that they'll be replicated by other carriers in their rearmost cabins.

StephenJWhitworth - 22/10/2009 11:56 BST

The new economy seats on CX are good everywhere on board, and maybe yes the drawback of those at the back is the human traffic during a long flight. However very convenient for a quick trip to the self-serve galley at the back for a stretch of the legs and a drink or snack if you do not sleep too much on a plane!

suitdude30 - 11/04/2010 14:46 BST

Gents, I could not disagree more! Just returned from Hong Kong on Cathay, and the new Economy seats made for a most uncomfortable 9 hour journey. True, the fixed seatbacks preserve one's personal space (from having the seat in front of you recline), but at the expense of sleeping comfort. Basically, the seat simply slides forward, causing one's upper back to be still upright, while the rest of the body has slid lower down, leaving the neck and lower back unsupported. I could not get a wink's sleep on either flight, and on that score alone, I will never fly Cathay again, which is a terrible shame, as CX's food, service and connections are otherwise good.

Several of my friends in Hong Kong agreed with my assessment, and time permitting, now choose to fly other carriers.

Would welcome others' opinions.

liverpool1 - 11/04/2010 15:11 BST

My wife and I have also just returned from Hong Kong and we have to say we absolutely agree with suitdude's assessment of the new Cathay seats. The flight was a nightmare - purely because of the unbelievably uncomfortable seats. We also could not sleep and will not be travelling on Cathay again.

wanula1 - 12/04/2010 02:04 BST

As with all seats and airlines people will have different experiences. Being based in Hong Kong I use Cathay on a regular basis, short and long haul and in all cabins.

I think the plus points of the new economy seat are that you maintain your personal space and during a long flight getting out of window seats etc is much easier, it also has less impact on the meal and TV service as you don't have a seat leaning back into your area.

However I would agree that the sliding seat is not the most comfortable if you are of a certain height. I'm 2 metres tall and find that I can't actually slide the seat forwards as there is no where for my knees to go. However if you are of average height (as my partner is) then you will find that the seats are okay as the back slides down giving you a level of recline, similar to the seat going backwards

But as mentioned at the start its often about personal preferences

albert_ateng - 12/04/2010 07:24 BST

i've tried the product and think the overall concept is good, but rolled out too early before proper trial and adjustment. the back cushion should be more supported/harder suc that it doesn't bend during slide mode and the head cushion should have slide accordingly (or have longer rails down).

it should also be pointed out that there's less space for the legs as the plastic cover goes much lower than a normal seat (even though the inside section is actually empty, i managed to put a bag after pushing it through) and the screen is positioned higher than in normal seats (its even worse when the seat slide and the screen doesn't).

it woul be interesting if cx or any other carriers would adopt the same design with improvements.

Aravindha - 01/06/2010 06:21 BST

I am updating this thread albeit very late. My wife and I completed our trip to US. The return from JFK to Hong Kong was 15-16 hr flight and was an absolute pain.

We paid for the extra leg room seats and it was freezing at the exit. The smell from the toilets were suffocating.

The seats are no good at all. The Jazz of privacy are not well founded. The shell seats are hard and very uncomfortable. Agreed that a long haul in economy is a recipe for disaster, but flying Cathay with the shell seats make it even more gruelling.

My verdict- Strict No-No. I also feel if possible it is betetr to break you journey into 8-10 hr duration so that you get the much needed break to stretch your legs and refresh.

Benbentw - 12/08/2010 18:03 BST

Had to add my comments regarding these new economy seats. Yes they are totally NOT comfortable for long hauls. Just returned from flying to Schiphol and HK and did not sleep a wink. Seats hard and not suited to my body. I am 1m 76 cm and fly regular to Europe and back. But think now of taking an alternative airline for comfort. Hope Cathay is listening.


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