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BA Shareholder discount


dougie1 - 19/08/2012 21:48 BST

Can anyone confirm if BA shareholders still get a 10% discount (including flights booked from say Amsterdam).

If so, what link is it best to use.

I tried to log on but its asking for a 10 digit shareholder reference, and mine is 11 digits (the old BA shareholder ref number) so no joy there.

If I need to speak or e-mail someone at IAG shareholders, does anyone have a contact name or e-mail address?

Many thanks for all help given.

VintageKrug - 20/08/2012 07:31 BST

Former British Airways shareholders still benefit from a 10% discount on exUK and exEU fares (not taxes/fees) on BA metal only. IAG shareholders are not currently eligible.

I'm puzzled why you have an 11 digit shareholder number, mine is 10. Are you getting the number from an original BA communication, or has the number been transcribed, perhaps erroneously?

Here is the link you need - not easy to find:

dougie1 - 20/08/2012 21:08 BST


Many, many thanks for this v useful information. I have now managed to get access.


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