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Heathrow extends VIP service

Originally published on 12/04/2012 - Filed under: News »

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London’s Heathrow Airport is extending its VIP service, previously reserved for royalty and heads of state, to premium travellers willing to splurge.

Dubbed “Heathrow by Invitation”, the service offers a discreet and seamless way to get through all the airport procedures for both arriving and departing guests.

Guests arriving at Heathrow will be greeted at their aircraft and chauffeur-driven to a VIP lounge – bypassing the main terminals – where passport and customs checks and baggage retrieval are taken care of, alongside some light refreshments.

Passengers departing from Heathrow will arrive at the airport through a dedicated private entrance where staff will guide them to a private lounge for check-in, security and immigration procedures. Passengers will then be chauffeur-driven to their aircraft when it is time to board. These services are also available to passengers catching connecting flights at Heathrow. 

The private lounges dedicated for the passengers utilising the “Heathrow by Invitation” service can be used for conferences or meetings of up to three hours, and passengers can invite up to six people with them, including non-passengers. 

The service, which can be reserved up to 24 hours before departure or arrival via the website, costs £1,500 (US$2,389) per journey (arrival, departure or connecting) for up to six passengers, inclusive of all the services mentioned above.

This service is not the first of its kind. Lufthansa has been offering a similar service for its first class passengers and top tier frequent flyers with a dedicated terminal at Frankfurt Airport (see story here). 

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Alisha Haridasani

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blend69 - 12/04/2012 09:41

Outrageous price!

You can get the same service in Dubai for round about the £180 mark, and same in Singapore for even less with Jet Quays. It is interesting that in Dubai, British Airways are one of the very few airlines that won't accept boarding passengers through this service, and yet their security checks seem to be far more thorough than at Heathrow.

It's sort of typical of rip off Britain though isn't it?

alistairNicoll - 12/04/2012 10:01

I hope all UK politicians are banned from using this facility and instead see and use the Heathrow that the rest of us experience - who knows the long queues at immigration might disappear

Charles-P - 12/04/2012 10:59

An awful lot of money for a mediocre looking lounge and service than seems little more than I get already with BA First Class. I suppose the paparazzi avoiding celeb might find it important but I see little extra benefit.

Lucy_Lou_Lou - 12/04/2012 11:56

It may be expensive, but totally avoids the terminal and everything there. For a family or small group of business colleagues, it may be more financially acceptable.

This was reported on BT somewhat earlier.


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